This pic changes from time to time..
Sea Monster Calendar 2006.. I did 10 images for this thing (all 'cept Sept and Dec)
Hey everybody, Feel free to  check out the 2006
Sea Monsters Calendar"

Everything in the 10 Images I did for the SMC project
(September & December aren't mine)
was modeled in

Peter :)

Edit - If missed it, here's the little SMC collage pic that used to be to the left.
Picture of the day.. week, month, whatever..

Depends on how often  I'll change it  :P
Wings 3D Tutorials
Wings Image Plane as reference examples
Example Image Plane reference
Manually undo-ing an Extract Region
Jack O' Lantern
Simple Plate
Simple UV Mapping
R'osity Gallery
Image links below.. everything modeled in W3D of course. (hover mouse over pics for name & size info)
Kelp Forest Monster - 1600 x 1260 (211 kb) Salvage Diver - 1600 x 1260 (276 kb) Giant SeaTurtle - 1600 x 1260 (253 kb) The Fish-Tank - 995 x 768 (176 kb) Golden Idol - 700 x 768 (100 kb)
Manual Labor - 1024x768 (178kb) Sailship materials- 2340x1680 (464kb)
Evil Eye - 800x600 (73kb) Seaport - 1400x750 (114kb) Dive Equipment - 800x610 (84kb) Chess v1 - The Pieces - 800x640 (74kb) Aerial Combat Drone - 800x520 (88kb) Gladius - 760x768 (97kb)
Edit: Renderosity's heading in a direction I don't like and their recent changes broke all the links on the thumbnail pic-links above. I've fixed them all for now, but unfortunetaly unless you're a logged-in R'osity member you won't be able to see the images at their full size anyway :\ or.. hmm looks like maybe they changed that again. Well, in any case I think I'm finished with them.. I'll probably still use the Wings3D forum there but doubt  I'll keep uploading pictures to my R'osity gallery.
Most likely I'll get my own site and put stuff there instead, but am too busy for that now so that's probably few months away still..  - PC  july 06
Freebies (hosted @ SSP site) Spendies / Not-So-Freebies
Sorry.. but I don't render using a 1990's budget app 'cause I think it's better than all the new expensive ones 'ya know? ;]
So starting a
store @ T3DS
Freebie Voodoo / Hoodoo doll model, very simple Freebie turtle model, as seen in SMC
The mighty Wingeeto Wooden Bucket, fully textured in 3 LODs
Wooden Barrel, fully textured in 3 LODs
not really adding new stuff here.. if wanna view more recent stuff, see my Renderosity gallery (link/pics above)
Old projects
Rainy dark, slightly futuristic city
Street - Semi-Futuristic urban enviroment...
An abandoned project
Sea Monster 2 Shock Squid Sea Monster Smooth proxy knight
the face used by the Knight