Tutorial: vidro no YafRay (by Oort)

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Tutorial: vidro no YafRay (by Oort)

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Mais um passo a passo o Oort para produzir os tão desejados shaders de VIDRO no YafRay.

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To Render glass materials using YafRay you need to do the following:

Create a new material. Right-click > Material > Name the material Glass (Any name will work).

Adjust the Diffuse setting to the desired color. The color selection box is to the right of the slider.

Adjust the Opacity setting to the desired transparency (try 0.1).

Click the plus sign next to YafRay Options.

Click the plus sign next to Fresnel Parameters.

Set the Index of Refraction to 1.5 (You can Google for specific IOR values for all glass types as well as other materials).

Turn on (check-box) Total Internal Reflection.

Set the Transmitted setting by clicking the "Set Default" button.

Close the Material Properties dialog box (ok).

Add the newly created material to your object. Select the object > Drag Glass from the Outliner onto the object > Assign material to all faces.

It is important for your glass to have something to reflect. The easiest way to do this is by adding an Ambient Light with HDRI Background to your scene.
Right-click > Light > Ambient.

Edit the Ambient light. Select the light in the Outliner > Right-click > Edit Light > YafRay Options > Background HDRI > Browse for an HDRI file (Use the kitchen_probe.hdr (or other) available on the web).

Close the Ambient light properties dialog box (ok).

Render your scene. If you get black glass you may need to adjust your Raydepth setting (try 12), in the YafRay Render Options dialog box.

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