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Mais uma versão com algumas ferramentas novas e correção de bugs. Confiram! Quando sobrar tempo eu traduzo, ok?!

Link do instalador para Windows:
http://ufpr.dl.sourceforge.net/sourcefo ... .99.02.exe

Release Name: 0.99.02

- Now using Erlang/OTP R12B-1. The build instructions have been updated with
more details. The SDL library in the Linux distribution no longer references
libaa (thanks to vtechk). [bjorng]

- Verbose and Mouseover info text options added to Edit|Preferences|General.

- Added interface options to Edit|Preferences|General. Options to
edit the width of Hard Edges and Normals, and set the default colour
of the Default and Hole Material. Also, the Mini Axis can now be
switched on or off and the colour of its axes are now linked to the
main axes. [optigon]

- Wings could crash when triangulating (for display purposes)
extremely degenerated polygons. For instance, Cylindrical Shift
on a cylinder could cause the problem. (Thanks to pauljs75.)

- In secondary selection mode, invoking some selection commands (such
as Select|Similar Normals) would cause a crash. Also, invoking
Select|Similar Normals through a hotkey in the wrong selection mode
(i.e. not face mode) would cause a crash. (Thanks to optigon.)

- Optional Feature: Changing modes while dragging would make the model
jump. Mode changes can now be set to reset the model back to its initial
position. [optigon]

- Fixed the repeat drag arguments (Shift D and D) for Vertex Intersect,
Bend, and Shift. [optigon]

- Basic mode Turn menu now cascades. [optigon]

- Extended vector ops to accept vectors defined across multiple objects.
Also added Cross Product as a way to define a vector using two edges.

- New Feature: Vertex|Deform|Inflate Cylindrical. Works in both basic
and advanced menus. In basis menus, select a central axis (XYZ) and
inflate. In advanced menus, pick a central axis and optionally, pick
a center point and radius. Vertices will move towards the radius along
a vector extending from the center point. All vertices are aligned with
the radius when the distance reads 100%. [optigon]

- New Feature: Vertex|Connect(RMB)|Connecting Edge (advanced menus only).
Creates a new edge by connecting the selected vertices and returns the
new edge already selected. [optigon]

- New Feature: Edit|Preferences|Constraints > Drag Preferences.
Allows you to customize dragging speeds for Rotational, Absolute,
and Relative drags. [optigon]

- New Feature: This preliminary release of the new Set Constraints plugin
gives you the ability to take measurement directly from your model and
save them as default constraints which can be used while dragging. You
can take measurements in various ways including the use of secondary
selections and vector ops. Bind the constraint to the modifier key(s)
of your choice (Alt,Shift,Ctrl) by holding them down while accepting a
method of measurement or set a default key combo in the prefs. If the
measurement includes a secondary selection, you may hold down the modifier
keys when finalizing your selection. [optigon]

Edge Mode:
Total Length - total length of the selected edges
Average Length - average length of the selected edges
Angle - angle between two edges
Subtract Angle - difference of two angles
Edge To Axis - angle between a single edge and a chosen axis
Percentage - difference two selections as a percentage
Difference - difference in length of two selections,
Centers - distance between the centers of two selections
Face Mode:
Percentage - difference in area between two face selections as a percentage
Centers, Angle, Subtract Angle, Face To Axis
Vertex Mode:

- New Feature: Switch constraint sets on the fly while dragging. Every drag
mode now has two related sets of constraints. You can switch to the related
constraint set by press Shift+Tab while dragging in any tool. The related
sets are as follows.
Scale Factor/Reciprocal: Reciprocal is equal to 1/Scale Factor
Angle/Supplementary: Supplementary is equal to 180 - Angle
Distance/Alternate Distance: Two sets for distance constraints

- New Feature: Vertex|Deform|Shear. This plugin lets you shear vertex selections
and more! Drag in all three modes (Absolute, Angle, Relative). Add curve to
the shear. Use vector ops or standard axes(XYZ). Many thanks to puzzledpaul
for testing and offering useful suggestions. [optigon]

- Increased limits of the main Wings primitives to infinity. [optigon]

- The hotkeys for Toggle Proxy Mode and Quick Smoothed Preview (Shift+Tab)
are now properly ignored in interactive commands and when the camera is active.
(Thanks to optigon.) [bjorng]

- When defining hotkeys for menus such as Edit|Preferences or pop-up menus
when advanced menus were not turned on, there could be a useless question
about mouse buttons. This question has been eliminated. [bjorng]

- The Wavefront importer will now import objects that have defects such
as invalid texture coordinate references. Instead of crashing, texture
coordinates will be removed from the face in question. Also, import of
Wavefront files with relative vertex references will be faster (much
faster for big files). (Thanks to terje7601.) [bjorng]

- Added new camera modes: Google SketchUp and Wings 3D suggested by oort.
Wings 3D mode is the same as Mirai mode, except that the mmb pans instead
of dollying. Added optional scroll wheel activated pan and rotate (available
in all camera modes). Also extended arrow key panning to work in all modes
and improved its useability. [optigon]
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